Making Technology Work For You

Computing enables enterprises to maintain pace with the tough synchronized demands of server and storage capacity, supervision and administration. At ALGORITHAM INFRASTRUCTURE, we provide a wide range of service models from solid entry-level Single CPU servers to Super – scalable, highly available, mission critical multiple CPU high-end computers based on INTEL or AMD processors with a choice of on-site and remote infrastructure resource delivery. Our flexible, end-to-end managing solutions advance efficiencies, leverage economies of scale, offer the right-shore deliverance to reduce costs and facilitate higher service performance levels and reliability. With the majority companies spending up to 60 – 70 percent of their IT budget just maintaining their IT environment and with principal and operating costs growing exponentially each year, ALGORITHAM INFRASTRUCTURE provides pioneering, cost saving alternatives that allow for continuous innovation and enabling your organization to do more with less.


Simplifying Technology

Today’s business needs reliable and secure communication tools to interact with employees, customers and business partners. A well sorted and thoroughly managed IT Infrastructure can help your business control costs, accelerate growth, ensure scalability and mitigate risks. ALGORITHAM INFRASTRUCTURE helps its clients in proactive management, hassle free performance, and facilitation of service based capacity planning across networks. The flexible nature of our network management allows uninterrupted access to network at all points of time. Our years of experience enables us to foresee customers business lifecycle requirements and allows them to enjoy maximum uptime for critical network along with optimum utilization of the network resources. Under Network management Services (NMS), we examine and notify the network functionality and availability of devices such as firewalls, routers, switches and security gateways. We manage network resource utilization of applications, devices & groups, Interface utilization, errors and number of connections for network devices. A dedicated team also conducts close check on network thresholds & usage, proactive scrutiny on network degradation. Clients receive alerts prior to any damage apart from services in device management, configuration management, fault management & load management. Through our strategic alliance partners, we provide solutions that reflect global standards of quality and processes.


Meet Complex Business Challenges

There exists a very fine line between what is seen and what’s unseen. That’s the difference between your visible business areas and the not so visible IT systems, networks and servers that support your everyday business performance. These unseen resources need to be reliable, available 24 X 7, scalable, flexible and secure for your business to perform and become profitable. In an increasingly virtual world, businesses need to stay current with use of servers, workstations, storage, switches, routers and racks so that the seen and unseen resources continue to function smoothly. ALGORITHAM INFRASTRUCTURE ensures that these unseen infrastructure of applications, servers, telecommunications networks and storage are ably supported by what is seen- our people who configure, maintain, manage and take care of your changing business needs.

Systems and Servers :

  • x86 System Server
  • Power Server
  • Blade Server
  • Hyper Converged Solutions

Power Management Solutions

Protect Your Valuable PC From Harmful Voltage Fluctuations

ALGORITHAM INFRASTRUCTURE offering in Line-interactive UPS protects your PC’s, workstations and other sensitive electronics from blackouts, brownouts and surges. It prevents data loss and system downtime by providing battery-supported AC output during blackouts and is fitted with circuitry to filter out noise and spikes and provide Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) during brownouts and over voltages. UPS available in 600-3000VA ratings are high performance UPS for network power protection. They are designed especially for IT applications such as network closets and small data centers. They provide reliable power protection for servers, critical nodes, network workstations, large network peripherals, network routers, bridges, hubs and other electronic equipment.

Video Conferencing

Solutions For A Small Planet

For more than a decade, ALGORITHAM INFRASTRUCTURE has been at the forefront of video collaboration delivering high-quality technology designed to bring people together. Our focus is on offering market-leading products that deliver easy-to-use and scalable audio, web and video conferencing. We combine an integrated, best-in-class cloud-based conferencing experience, with award-winning, easy-to-use HD camera systems and HD phones so that you can connect to anyone, anywhere. It’s a meeting experience like no other.

Application Software

IT is driven by software, be it our data Centre hardware solution or client PC/Laptop, tablets and mobile phones. The age of smart software licensing solutions has now given way to wise software licensing solutions. And that is because what you do today has its effect on your business and bottom lines tomorrow. Hence we help you understand what software you already own and have deployed, making the options for your next investment more clear. Managing the licenses for a range of software across Enterprises is a task – dealing with the administration of a complete range of different software products and with a whole range of different license models. ALGORITHAM Infrastructure fully examines your IT environment, challenges, growth plans, and strategic initiatives prior to making any recommendations. We help you select the ideal licensing agreement to meet your business needs thereby ensuring that what you invest today gives its returns tomorrow.
ALGORITHAM Infrastructure expertise in Software licensing is profound. We are licensing partners of Microsoft in India. Along with Microsoft, we developed our competency and capability to a wider range of managing software licenses for Adobe, Oracle, Symantec, Trend Micro, and McAfee amongst others. Our Licensing Specialists will help you find the best software licensing model specific to your organization and its needs to derive maximum utility from the investment.

Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft Volume Licensing is the most cost-effective, flexible, and manageable way to acquire Microsoft software and cloud services. Microsoft offers several Volume Licensing programs, each tailored to the needs of different sizes of businesses and types of organizations.

Adobe & Corel Licensing

Depending on the size and requirement of the organization and the tenure of licenses, the clients can opt for any of the following:

  • Transaction Licensing Program
  • Cumulative Licensing Program
  • Value Incentive Plan
  • Enterprise Term License Agreement

Other Products






About Us

ALGORITHAM INFRASTRUCTURE was established in 2009 to offer both project-based IT and managed services for organizations nationwide. ALGORITHAM INFRASTRUCTURE can be your complete IT department or an extension of your own company.


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